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Puglia, Italy

Hand Crafted Taralli

Mistral Kitchen is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Puglia's most recognized artisan baker, Dolcefiore - Puglia’s finest handcrafted baked treats and confectionery. These gourmet treats were previously only available in Italy, but are now for sale in the USA exclusively through Violet Organic Foods.

Taralli, a Pugliese baking tradition, is made with simple ingredients of the finest quality. It is through their skilled artisan hands, the bakers are able to craft these rustic flavorful baked delights.

DolceFiore’s handcrafted Tarallis are great flavorful snacks and will enhance your next occasion.

Hand Crafted Confectionery

Discover the traditional flavors and sweet confectioneries of Puglia, a special treat often only made during festive occasions and holidays are now available all year round thanks to the artisan bakers at DolceFiore.

DolceFiore’s confectionery and desserts are handcrafted from traditional methods and flavors that evoke the festive seasons of Southern Italy.

DolceFiore’s confectionery comes in various flavors, shapes, and sizes. These are great snacks alone and complemented with tea!

Skilled Artisan Bakers Traditional Methods

The Apulian confectionery tradition is made up of 3 simple things, to which it gives an added value: manual skills. Man and his traditions make the difference in a land that has its strengths in the raw material and in the secular experience.

Sweets, biscuits, taralli, simple and genuine pasta made of eggs, flour, and sugar to which we add delicious ingredients such as almonds, honey, wine, cooked must, and cinnamon.

DolceFiore wants you to discover the sweet delicacies of Puglia, offering you flavors of ancient origins.

The preparation of some desserts, according to the peasant tradition, is sometimes marked by the flow of the calendar (Easter holidays, the Commemoration of the Dead, Christmas, Carnival) or the seasons. We offer them all year round ...

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Vincenzo G.

Artisan Baker

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Artisan Baker

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